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team coverage -- from san francisco to atlanta - as the celebration rages on. >> good evening i'm vicki liviakis - full highlights on the game ahead. but first - kron4's dan kerman is live in the mission district - dan? >> reporter: >> reporter: things are quiet tonight we thought that there were going to be celebrations with people setting fires in the mission district like after the giants with that is not the case tonight guar. let me show you the police presence in the mission district tonight. just about 20 minutes ago, there was a fight at the bart station. at least 15-20 police officers in 60 seconds. they are in this area and they are not going to have a repeat from the giants. let me show you video from earlier. this was right after the giants had victory. you can see the m 80's with many people celebrating and honking horns. but it did not turn into the vandalism that we have seen before we have seen a lot of police. allowing police and buses to get through the same time, keep the peace. they have dwindled to about 5, 6, 7:00 p.m.. right now, 24th/mission. quiet. however, ther
will perform.after being locked out for so long. we now know the atlanta falcons will face off against the san francisco the fans cannot wait. maureen kelly, kron 4 news. >> 49ers next sunday. kron 4's reggie kumar tells us some niner's fans wanted seattle to win today, because the nfc champioship game would have been played at the stick instead of in atlanta. >> the falcons/seahawks game was a nail bitter. no one shangai kelly's saloon in san francisco knew who was going to win until the very end. >> it was crazy. there were shut out. >> seattle i almost wanted them to come here so we could stop them out so i think that it's just going to run over atlanta. >> i think the forty-niners would rather play atlanta and dan seattle. >> going to different time zones. but i think that it is a better time. i think that it could happen >> shots erupt at a southern california movie theater. we'll show you why it happened and who police went after. >> plus the president is being sworn in. we take a look at preparations for the obama inauguration. and a former president ready to walk out of the hospital s
valencia, cnn, atlanta. >> the gun debate is heating up in washington, and across the country. vice president biden met with groups all week-- from gun control advocates, to the n-r-a-- hoping to find a solution to the nation's gun violence problem. the issue isn't just dividing lawmakers. as athena jones tells us, religious groups are also at >> "you all know this is a complicated issue." >> reporter: gun control is front and center at the white house. and a matter of debate among christians. (church bells) >> "there is a fascinating religious divide on the issue of gun control." >> reporter: a survey by the public religion research institute- conducted before the newtown shooting- found six in ten catholics support stricter gun control laws, compared to about a third of white evangelical protestants and 42 percent of white mainline protestants. >> "it's just not about theology. it's also about culture and geography." >> reporter: the poll also found white evangelicals are the most likely to own guns. many live in southern and rural areas where guns are a way of life. so what does
of fame in this, he is a winner in the post season. the atlanta falcons. now, it is 4.5 to favored but atlanta will have the home field the advantage. tony gonzales. and it would be pretty nice for the harbaugh brothers. the baltimore ravens. peyton manning, the denver broncos baltimore pulls it out. the father was also a coach what a weekend! >> he was excited. that we had one of those days where indiana beat minnesota in a big basketball game. we watched the games and it was thrilling for the ravens. my parents are in their 70's. there is a lot of action it is like going back to back to back. several episodes in a row. >> indian of basketball. tom green is married to one of the horrible sisters. and also bob will stay until 2016. he was the a manager the-manager of the year. >> and also buster posy saying that he does not want to play the world came because of a possible injury. ryan vogelson and says that right now keep would like to play. and lance taped to deal with oprah winfrey winfrey today. her channel >> satellite has a different number. >> check with pamela [laughter] la
the defensive coordinator of the atlanta falcons. >> he is definitely a great defensive coordinator. >> the teams that he went to miami, and atlanta. he is encouraging and doing good things >> the members it was a bit vague but i remember that he was a good guy. nolan was just 18-37 in 3 2 years with the niners, but he did bring in 10 key 49ers players still on the roster, including patrick willis, justin smith, frank gore, dashon goldson and vernon davis to name a few the falcons defense ranks 24th in total yards allowed but 5th in points allowed, giving up just 18.7 per game. jonathan goodwin reader >> also >> and if you want to hear how much baseball players are going to make. buster posy, they have filed for sa salary arbitration more than likely, they are going to make about $6 million. romo, 3.5 the millions and it could be $40 million for hunter pence. 14-million-- and he has plenty coming his way. and the giants have the third hottest ticket price. the chicago cubs are number one, the red sox are no. 2. and the giants are no. 3. and the 49ers are going to be able to beat the
-ers and the atlanta falcons. kron-4's j-r stone is outside team headquarters in santa clara. with the late breaking details. jr? >> reporter: i have learned of this information in the last 60 minutes. i have been trying to contact those with the san francisco 49ers. they just got on the plane four hours ago. it is heading to a plant up. i have sent e-mails asking if this will change his status. keep in mind, that he has had nine touchdowns, 1111 rushing yards this incident happened in a hotel room and is being investigated. they say that michael crabtree has not been detained owe are only learning about this in the last 60 minutes. if you're just joining us >> this just in to the kron 4 news room the police department is investigating as of sexual assault involving san francisco 49ers, michael crabtree. if we get new updates people bring them to you here on kron 4 news. reporting from santa clara, j. r. stone, kron 4 news. >> pam: developing tonight. hayward police searching for a teenage girl who may have run off with with an older man. 13-year- old delicia moreno was last
are already in atlanta tonight getting warmed up for tomorrow's big game. kron 4's j.r. stone also made the trip.and he and has spent the day with niners die hards from the bay area. >> reporter: just 2,400 mi. away from san francisco i am in hotlanta however, it is colder here than san francisco. but that has not stopped the niners fans are making their presence known. >> i m here to show the gloves. >> we are going to brave the eight t l me and my wife are also flying here as well. >> is cool. we are going to take it. >> super bowl. >> go 49ers. >> 49ers nation .... >> i see that you have the giants. >> you know that there is a football gear. >> i brought an atlanta falcons all the way from san francisco. >> you live in san francisco? from a yes, diehard. and we are here. we are here to see them beat down and price up by tuesday. ms. rice up. >> we hear that on the news, the " " rise up''.. >> i have come across my share of falcons fans. besides the fact that they know that i'm from san francisco, they have been friendly and accepting. kron 4, j. r.. >> our team coverage continues wit
-hundred guns found in 20- 11. atlanta's airport led the nation with 80 guns found followed by airports in dallas, phoenix, houston and denver. it's not clear if the increase is because more people are traveling with guns. or if screeners and new technologies are doing a better job finding them. only unloaded guns are allowed in locked, checked baggage - inside a hard case. >> coming up a check of the markets. after the break. >>> now for today's market update. stocks soar after congress passed a last minute budget deal to pull the country back from the "fiscal cliff" on wall street. the dow shot up 308 points on the first trading day of the year. that's the biggest gain since 20-11. the nasdaq rose 92 points. and the s-and-p was up 36. >>> car rental company avis budget is buying the popular car-sharing service zip-car for about half a billion dollars. the deal requires final approval from zipcar shareholders, and the two companies expect the deal to be wrapped up in spring. under the deal, zipcar will operate as a subsidiary of avis. >> one of the greatest players ever. is calling it
at peoplebehavingbadly@kron4.co m >> 49ers fans arrived early for the chance to send off the. team to atlanta and superbowl 47! we hear from some of the 49ers faithful. next the 49ers are currently on their way to new orleans. after just landing in atlanta earlier today. this is video of the team deplaning behind me. the team is preparing to face the ravens in the super bowl in one week. this morning in santa clara. 49ers fans gave the team a big sendoff kron four's mike pelton caught up with fans who came out to show their support. >> are brought out my memorabilia to try to get it signed. >> reporter: they brought football, and other memorabilia. the only player was one while i was here. >> and i know that it is all business. they are on their way to the super bowl. >> they have it running in high gear. >> when i start thinking about the superable. it is a big deal. >> in santa clara, mike pelton, kron 4 news. >> we're now just 7 days away from the super bowl. and while that may sound close. there is still a full week ahead of n-f-l festivities in new orleans. if you're not heading to the g
game. the fifth overall passing rating and this is the testis tech. the last 40 games for the atlanta falcons. matt ryan, has had 33 victories at home. i think they are very sound. >> giving colin kaepernick. i was asking you that if you watch yourself and you say that you do not. jacqueline? >> occasionally. >> and a watch myself three or four times. i watch myself but i think that as how you can get better. >> pam: sometimes put a just find myself. i just find myself... but pam is dealing with everything. >> pam: sometimes i just get to critical. >> jacqueline: exactly. >> gary: fight sometimes never watch anything but which to be a just a little bit curious? when you have been doing it for 20 years. however, would you be a little bit curious? >> pam: i'm sure that he watches his game. she give a but not watching television. >> pam: i guess i could understand that. >> gary: and you can look at yourself all night long [laughter] but you also want to say that maybe i'd look a little bit. >> jacqueline: or is it looks like i have gained weight so on and do not want to eat anything. >>
attitude and to get ready for a great football game. >> here is the story to talk about the atlanta falcons gonzales. his first playoff game of 16 years. he went to cal. the all-american at tight end. he is going to be american hall of fame. he is going to have to be covered, right patrick? >> gonzales has played this game for a long time. a consistently good. he always plays at a high level and making big plays. >> he is a tremendous athlete. he has done a lot for this tight end position. i take my hat off to him and very thankful. and he is really crafty and knows how to get it done. >> colin kaepernick and how about gore his contribution? a couple of catches for just 48 yds against the packers. rushing at 1 under and 19 yds. the all-time rushing leader, with careys, yards, touchdowns. he is already, again a running back could get beat up. one franc is done he wants to coach. ladies and gentleman, coaches borfor gore.. >> i love the game of football. and i can tell who is a real football player. >> he is a guy that i love working with as a player and i am sure that i would like working wi
is on him and there he is. many people remember in 2000. yeterday in atlanta the 49ers dug themselves an early hole that would john harbaugh ray lewis will cap off his hall of fame career in two weeks at the super bowl isn't just the emotional leader, he's the leader on the field as welllewis leads all players in tackles this postseason he's a super bowl mvp and a 13 time pro bowler lewis and company spoke about the big game lewis, harbaugh, flacco >> they are big time threats and we could have to be prepared for a really great >> we visualize ourselves a great football for this time of the year. we have made it this far. >> every big game has to have something where do he almost cost it for us. this is undoubtedly, the poorest performance for he was the mvp, i just a few years ago. however, there were not taking any chances that he will change kickers for the super bowl. >> as i mentioned in the pre-game. he always had the ball really well, as shown in that 60 yorker. >> dr. king was honored at a warrior's game. >> on the behalf of myself, we would like to show the accomplishments of
to atlanta. in 2003, (cheers & applause) >> the 49ers came back with a 20 point deficit to take the lead. and they had to hang on to pass the giants in dramatic fashion. in the divisional round, san francisco lost to the championships, to coach gruden in tampa bay. the coach would be fired later, and there would not see the playoffs until 46-82. led by dennis erickson, nolan and singletary and nolan. however, this all changed with harbaugh. in his first season they got back into the playoffs with a thrilling first round victory over the saints. and super bowl, 46. harbaugh has done it again pushing all the right buttons. some of these decisions did not sit well with all the players. harbaugh going with colin kaepernick proved to be the right one. now, the 49ers are one victory away from maintaining their glory of another trip down market street >> raiders have hired tony sparano and russell wants back in. the word is that he is broke. after getting a 30 million-dollar contract. when we return, a special word about kron this honored on a national radio. i will tell you about it coming ou
adairsville. due to the turbulent weather. and the severe weather causes major flooding in midtown atlanta residents say, the streets flooded quickly once it started raining. authorities report. at least one person was killed in the storm. >> jacqueline: we are seeing nearly the opposite. with dry weather we are going to see 60s in more locations. cooling a little bit but still above average. things to this area of high- pressure that is offshore. driving the storm struck well to the north. this blocking pattern not expecting much of a breakthrough. the morning lows will be a bit warmer 40's but to the delta, and portions of the inland valleys. for the afternoon highs morning a bit towards the low 70's! sunnyvale, evergreen, 60s for the rest of the south bay. mid-60s. the same for the east bay shore. and also similar with mid-60s. for the north bay, a mixture of upper 60s with several degrees warmer than what we saw today. they look at your extended forecast with warmer weather and even saturday. temperatures will stay warmer. we are going to get more cloud coverage but no rainfall expecte
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14